Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch


If you go swimming, diving, rafting, surfing, or do any other water activity, you need this waterproof phone pouch…

Chances are, you bring your phone EVERYWHERE. For example, although you know phones break in water, you still bring it and pray that it doesn’t get wet. Or you do the right thing and set it aside, but wish you were able to have it with you.

Whichever may be the case for you, here’s how you can solve your problem…

Simply slip your phone into this waterproof pouch, clamp the seal on tightly, and that’s it! Made of high-end, pressure-resistant PVC material, your phone will never get wet, even when under water! 

The best part? You can still use your phone! Sensitive to touch, and transparent in design, you’ll be able to take fun pictures and record cool videos while submerged in water.

And if you accidentally drop your phone in the ocean? No worries… This case floats so you never have to go searching underneath.

Yes, it's a low tech design, but is just works!


  • 1X Waterproof Bag Pouch
  • 1X Lanyard
  • Comes in 8 different colors
  • Universal sizing fits any phone up to 6 inches long
  • Able to use your phone to take pictures and video even when inside the transparent case
  • Quality PVC material ensures pressure-resistance under water
  • Floats on water for easy finding, in case you drop it 

The perfect accessory for someone always by the water, who doesn’t want to break their phone. Grab your waterproof phone pouch today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now, and you’ll never have to worry again!

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