Personalized Paint By Numbers Canvas

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There’s no essential requirement to be artistically inclined to use our Painting by numbers on canvas kit! Simply attach your photograph when purchasing and let us turn your simple photo into an afternoon of fun filled enjoyment for the whole family! With our kit, you have everything you need to become a true Picasso! 


Photographs are lovely, but a framed acrylic painting? That’s CLASSY! Record an important moment, and make it special by painting out a memory. Team up family or friends and create another memory while you seal in the first one! Nothing feels more satisfying than completing a tricky puzzle- imagine your satisfaction when you finish creating a painting. So easy a child could do it- and should! Share it to social media, text it to friends, Gift it or Frame it on your wall.


*Please be Sure To Include Your Photo When Purchasing.



  • It’s a keepsake for LIFE- paint with your kids and show them when they grow up!
  • Nothing is more personalized than a special photo you created with liquid color!
  • The perfect frameable present AND activity bundle for that special someone in your life 
  • Surprise a friend with a special canvas of beloved pet ready to be filled with color- 
  • A cost-effective way to relax, rewind,relieve stress and unleash your inner Michaelangelo
  • Easy to use, and easier to handle and prepare… not to mention mess free!


Purchase today and you’ll discover that it really is that easy!


Using our Painting by numbers kit has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, and relax, resulting in a positive result in users of any and all age groups! Nothing calms the senses and promotes relaxation quite like our product.


How to use? It’s so easy a chimp could do it!

Step 1: Find an appropriate, flat spot and lay your canvas out carefully, then set up your watercolors.

Step 2: Correctly match the number of the paints to the number on your custom canvas.

Step 3: Complete your little puzzle of paint and then wonder at how good it looks! Frame it! 


What's in our Painting By Numbers Kit?

  • One high grade canvas with the size you chose containing pre-printed numbered outlines.
  • A watercolor-acrylic paint set. Everything is ready to go out the box, zero mess!
  • One set of 3 brushes including 1 small brush, 1 medium brush and 1 large brush.

Did you forget to attach your photo before purchasing?

Don’t worry about it! Just be sure to email us at and we will update your order as soon as possible!

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