Magnetic Car Phone Holder with 360º Range-Of-Motion

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You’re driving to a destination and you’re using your phone to give you directions. 

“Turn right in one mile”

After passing by several traffic lights and stop signs, you finally approach the turn. You look back down at your phone to double check it’s the right street. But as you look back up, a truck comes at you full speed.

Luckily, you were just dreaming. But this situation is 100% real and dangerous. And can be prevented by using this one simple gadget…

Easily stuck to your dashboard, this magnetic holder allows you to mount your phone in the perfect position — high enough so you can easily look at your screen without taking your eyes off the road. 

Just stick one of the magnets onto the back of your phone, then place it in alignment with the holder and it’ll “snap” onto it. Plus, with its 360º range-of-motion, you can angle your phone to give you a better viewpoint.


Keeps your phone in plain sight at all times saving you from taking your eyes off the road

Sticks to any flat surface and can be used in other places than just your dashboard

360º range-of-motion gives you perfect positioning

Firmly holds your phone in place even during bumpy or rough rides

Don’t risk your life because of a simple rectangular mobile device! Drive safely by getting one of these holders today. Just click the “Add To Cart” button above now!

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