Anti Theft Travel Backpack

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No place is completely safe from pickpockets. Whether you're a daily commuter or a certified travel geek, it's always good to know that the stuff you're carrying remains safe and sound.

Introducing, the Anti-Theft Travel Backpack - a smart, sleek and high quality backpack. It's your most reliable companion and a pickpocket's biggest headache. Creatively designed to secure your belongings, the main compartment's zippers are positioned cleverly, concealing it from anyone who might not have some good intentions. With elastic laptop storage pockets and 10+ secure compartments and hidden zippers, it's made of tear resistant and water resistant durable polyester fabric. Plus, the built in USB charger port just spells out convenience out right, if not to mention, clever.

Its cut-proof material, hidden zipper closures, and strategic secret pockets will make sure you'll worry about your belongings no more.

But not only is this backpack functional and convenient, it's also stylish and made of high quality polyester that's incredibly durable. It's tear resistant and water resistant fabric holds up really well making it long lasting, no matter how frequently you use it.

Available in grey, black and purple, it's got a sleek reflective stripe at the back that's not only there cause it looks cool, it's also a safety feature when you're walking outside at night.

Use the built in top handle for easy carrying or slip on its weight balanced straps for ultimate comfort on the go. It's made for your utmost security and convenience with its hidden anti-theft zippers, several compartments including two computer pockets, pen loops, and a quick access card pocket on the shoulder strap.

Plus, it's strategically placed USB charger port allows you to use your portable charger (not included) and power up your devices while you're on the move. Be free to travel and roam as you please without a cent of worry with the Anti-Theft Travel Backpack.

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