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This new hands-free invention uses a 3.5mm bluetooth receiver and will allow you to play your favourite music on-the-go without the need to fuss over an AUX cable! Comes equipped with HD Microphone and latest noise cancellation technology to give you the most immersive mobile sound experience!

Want to play music from your phone using your car stereo? Easy. Just plug this device into the mic port of your car, sync it with your phone and you will be able to use your car's speakers right away.

A car kit is just the tip of the iceberg. This little gadget works well with normal headphones, or your home stereo. I tested it on every wired speaker I could find...instant Bluetooth connectivity. The built in mic made Bluetooth calls a reality in my dinosaur of a truck.

Listen to your favorite music in the car without buying expensive Bluetooth audio equipment! Any device with an auxiliary input can easily be connected to your phone... No more cords! 

By simply plugging this adapter into any aux port you add Bluetooth technology to your car or speaker system. It has long battery life and is easily paired with your phone or laptop.

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